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Cleanse RX® – Advanced Colon Cleanse System
Flush pounds of undigested waste from your system immediately and feel lighter, healthier,...
Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine is the only pill that can guarantee you burn more calories per day. It contains...
10 Patented Weight Loss Ingredients – One Pill
Slim 10® is the only weight loss pill to combine 10 clinically proven and patented ingredients...
Miracle Slim Wrap - Feel Rejuvenated
With the Miracle Slim Wrap® you can remove unwanted fat from your problem areas.
The Flex Belt
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Cleanse Patch® -- Feel Better, Toe to Head


Detoxifying foot patches are said to be the top selling detox products in Asia, and this particular one is reported to be the best. Users simply put the adhesive patch on their feet before bed and let the product do the work while they sleep. Because the foot contains general reflex zones, the Cleanse Patch® works to detox organs like the stomach, colon, and liver. When you awake in the morning, the patch will likely be a different color, showing that it has removed substances from inside your body. The product is backed by traditional Asian culture and science as well, which took several years to perfect this method of detoxing. Consumer response has been very positive, as its feedback rating shows, so don’t pass up the opportunity to learn more about this excellent product. Click Here to read more.

Nuphedrine® - Extra Strength Top Rated Fat Burning Capsule
Nuphedrine® is the top rated weight loss capsule on the market. It has consistently been rated #1 by consumers due in part to the trifecta of extra strength herbal weight loss agents: Advantra Z®, Hoodia, and Slimaluma®. These three powerful ingredients are included to increase metabolic function, raise fat burning levels, boost energy, and enhance lean muscle mass, all while reducing hunger and cravings. It doesn’t get much better than that. According to user ratings, hunger is a non-issue when using Nuphedrine® because of their use of Hoodia, an extract that’s been used for centuries in Africa to stop hunger in its tracks. All the extracts in this formula are pure and used in their extra strength version, which makes using Nuphedrine® a no brainier. Just take a look at its peer reviews and ratings to see what people are saying. Click Here to read more.

Flex Belt – Accelerated Abdominal Toning Technology
The Flex Belt® is an awesome move forward in scientific ab shaping ingenuity. It is by far, the most proven and successful device we have seen for immediate ab toning. The Flex Belt has become the #1 ab belt systems on the market - due to its use of results driven, clinically demonstrated EMS technology. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is simply wonderful and The Flex Belt is the first of its kind to actually gain FDA Clearance using this technology. The Flex Belt® does all of the work! Even better is that it works all of your stomach muscles at the same time – it gets the Upper Abdominals, The Lower Abdominals and the Love Handles (or Obliques). So you don’t have to worry about trying to get all the different areas because it does them all simultaneously. The best part is that you can use The Flex Belt while you do other things. You can be cooking, cleaning, working at your desk, talking on the phone, surfing the net or watching TV. It is perfect for those of us who don’t have time and for those that are in great shape that just want to take their stomach toning to a new level. Check out our full review and see what various Celebrities, Super Models, Olympic Gold Medalists and Legendary Athletes use The Flex Belt. Click Here to read more.

Cleanse RX® - Flush Toxins, Feel Lighter, So Easy
Cleanse RX®, a one of a kind doctor and nutritionist developed colon cleansing formula, uses an exclusive two prong approach to remove toxins from the colon and digestive system so that users can see results fast in terms of improved health, energy levels, colon function and digestion! Both parts of the Cleanse RX® system were bioengineered using the highest quality ingredients available. It all starts with Cleanse RX® Phase One, which is easy to use. Users simply take a few capsules a day, whenever they want to. That’s all there is to more productive bowel movements, augmented energy levels, and improved health. The flushing out of old fecal matter and toxins is the reason for these effects and may even promote weight loss. Probiotics, or good bacteria, are used in Cleanse RX® Phase Two, along with other nutrients, to keep the digestive and colon healthy - daily. The entire Cleanse RX® system takes minutes a day to do, and users can see and feel real changes in their colon and digestive function. Click Here to read more.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Virility Enhancer
Membrane Integrity Factor has HGHR, in its real form - and is one of the most talked about and researched, anti-aging formulas on the European market. Good news, it has finally arrived in the US, creating a bit of a stir with consumers looking to boost their "youth factor". We've all heard about the anti-aging and health benefits of HGH and maybe thought them beyond our reach due to cost. But Dr. Hans Neiper, the developer behind this formula, has taken HGHR replenishing technology out of the lab and made it accessible to everyone. Membrane Integrity Factor infuses the body with HGHR to kick start your pituitary gland into high gear. Enhanced production may translate into feeling more energetic, sexual, and virile, while allowing you to gain muscle mass and lose weight more easily. Hands down Membrane Integrity Factor has done amazingly well with consumers looking to get their vitality back! When you read the Blog posts, and we suggest you do, you'll see for yourself what this formula can deliver. Learn More, Read the Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

P90X2 - Get Toned, Be Ripped
It’s here. P90X2 - The brand new and second phase of the popular and proven P90X. This new fitness program is even more intense than the original. P90X showed that people can completely transform their bodies in just 90 days, and P90X2 takes the results even further. If you want to work on muscle strength, muscle agility, muscle definition and challenge you’re body like never before, than you are ready for P90X2. This program comes with completely new workouts based on the P.A.P. technique. P90X2 also comes complete with a nutrition program to blast fat and ensure your muscles are fueled throughout the workouts. This innovative system features an online program that provides users access to fitness trainers and an online community full of P90X2 enthusiasts. If you’ve been wanting to try P90X, now is the time with the new P90X2. Click Here to read more.

Flex Mini® -- Firm and Tone your Butt Right Now
The Flex Mini® delivers a more toned, firmer, and shapely butt through proven science. Using advanced EMS technology to focus on the entire butt and upper thighs, this device does much more in less time than you might expect. EMS has been proven to be effective, so much so it’s used by some health care providers to strengthen damaged muscles. Using the Flex Mini® is a cinch: just put it on and set your resistance level. It will immediately start creating muscle toning and strengthening contractions and releases. Keep in mind, you’re not house bound when you have the Flex Mini® on. You can easily wear it under your clothing and go about your day without sacrificing a butt toning session. Many people think there’s not enough time in the day for a quality toning session, but the Flex Mini® changes that forever. With the Flex Mini®, it’s never been easier to get the shapely butt you’re looking for. Click Here to read more.

Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels is well known in the fitness world, but her television shows and home fitness programs aren’t the only way to get fit anymore. Jillian Michaels now offers online support for individuals to reach their fitness goals and maintain weight loss from home. This program is easy to sign up for and offers a free weight loss plan. Jillian offers a fun approach to nutrition, fitness and shedding the pounds. All you need to start is your height, weight, in order to receive Jillian's free weight loss plan. The program provides personalized options that will tell you exactly what your body needs when it comes to the food you put in your mouth and the exact exercises you need do to tone the muscles and blast fat. The value is excellent, and the support is comprehensive. The blog posts that talk about Jillian Michaels continuously call this program an effective, economical, and no nonsense way of getting in better shape. She has helped countless people transform their lives and their bodies. Don’t be left behind. Learn more about this program now. Click Here to read more.

Miracle Slim Wrap – Spa Wrap for Rejuvenation and Toning
Miracle Slim Wraps are designed to offer users a high end spa-like wrap experience at home at an affordable price! Wraps are not new to the market; in fact, they’ve been used for centuries, dating back to the Egyptians, to rejuvenate skin, boost health, and increase energy levels. Wraps are often used in some of the most expensive spas to slim some of our biggest problem areas, including the butt, arms, stomach, thighs, and hips. The Miracle Slim Wrap uses top of the line organic ingredients, including an amino acid and aloe infused base mixed with mineral laden Seabed Clays. The Miracle Slim Wrap comes along with everything you need to get started having a spa experience at home. Click Here to read more.

South Beach Diet
Most of you already know that this diet is based on low carbs and high protein. This awesome plan is broken down into three easy phases and takes all the effort out of dieting by creating a customized program that is complete with meal planners, recipes and more. At the end of the day, this diet works for most people who stick to it, and they have done an amazing job at creating a huge menu filled with delicious recipes. In fact, of any food program, they have the biggest menu available. The only way to do South Beach these days is to join their online interface program. You could just get the book, but the online interface has access to their entire menu, which is always updated in real time. South Beach Diet online takes just a moment to sign up for, and sign up is currently free. This program really makes dieting fun as it connects you with other dieters and an entire online community that is fast to provide you with the motivation, information and support you need to shrink that waistline. The customers who use the interface say good things about it. Read the blog posts for more info. Read a full South Beach Diet Review Here.

HoodiaP57® -- High Powered Hoodia to Kick Cravings For Good
HoodiaP57® is one of the most incredible weight loss supplements on the market, offering a high grade formula that can dramatically reduce hunger and cravings. It consistently delivers real results users can see and feel. The reason why HoodiaP57® is so effective lies in its formula, which is Hoodia, and just Hoodia, with no fillers and no extra herbs to dilute results. That’s not all: they don’t just use regular Hoodia, which on its own is highly effective according to recent studies, this developer has ramped up its abilities by offering a formula containing Hoodia at 20X its normal power. This means that users get a product that delivers reduced hunger and cravings each and every time, which is exactly what you want when you’re dieting and struggling with hunger. This developer also guarantees that each bottle of HoodiaP57® is certified for purity, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Click Here to read more.

Slim10® - A Host of Patented Ingredients In One Capsule
Slim10® is an amazing weight loss supplement that rolls ten of the most well known and effective weight loss agents into one formula. When you research this formula, you will quickly realize that it’s one of a kind and that no one else on the supplement market has included this kind of fire power in a single weight loss supplement. Slim10® was designed to cut hunger, reduce cravings, increase energy levels, break up fat deposits, and boost metabolic function, while blocking fat and carb absorption. It accomplishes this amazing list by using extracts like Advantra Z, Phase 2, Super Citrimax, and Tonalin at optional levels. Hunger is also an issue for many of us, so this developer included extra strength Hoodia in Slim10®. When it comes to Slim10®, it’s not just about volume. It’s also about quality, and this formula contains the highest grade herbal and nutritional agents available. Slim10® offers consumers the best of the best in one amazing pill! Click Here to read more.

Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever - Best Way To Fight Fat After Forty
40 is a hard birthday for many, especially because once you hit this age it seems that it becomes harder and harder to keep off the weight. If you find this is your issue, than you must try Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever online weight loss program. This program is the only weight loss plan that exclusively offers those over 40 access to information that teaches the hidden secrets and obstacles that keep us from losing weight. This program provides step-by-step guidance and generates a customized plan for each member. With Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever, members can rejuvenate their metabolism and learn why they had been unable to drop the pounds before. This program is effective and it is fast and easy to sign up for. Can’t lose weight? Simply answer a few questions to find out. Right now sign up is free. Click Here to read more.

TurboZymes® - For Better Digestion and Better Health
It’s not easy to feel good anymore with the diet we commonly encounter through fast foods, processed foods, and just not great foods. The average American diet is laden with foods that don’t contain the enzymes needed to process these foods in the body. TurboZymes® is designed to remedy the sluggish feeling we find ourselves in after a big or not-so-good-for-us meal. Relief from bloating, lactose intolerance, constipation, gas, heartburn, and other stomach pains are just some of the perks of this product. The product was created to help people of all walks attain better digestive health and the ability to process the nutrients in their foods more completely. Because many weight loss struggles are related to digestive problems, TurboZymes® offers to assist those who want to lose weight while maintaining better health. With its popularity booming, finding blog posts on this product is easy. Just take a read and see why people love TurboZymes®. Click Here to read more.

Green Coffee Bean Max – An Antioxidant Superfood
Green Coffee Bean Max is a high-quality weight loss supplement and one many people may not have tried before. There are few fat burning products out there that work as advertised, but Green Coffee Bean Max’s formula has been proven to contain powerful fat-burning and anti-oxidant components. The reason behind this is that the unroasted green coffee bean is a known and studied Superfood. The online testimonials from customers who have tried this supplement say it all. Countless people have achieved their weight loss goals with Green Coffee Bean Max due to its powerful, untapped ingredient - green coffee beans. This amazing supplement is becoming one of the most sought after, because it actually works to help increase fat oxidation. Click Here to read more.

Flex Arms: Toned, Athletic Arms At Home
The Flex Arms® provides muscle toning where you want it most. The revolutionary product utilizes FDA cleared technology to tighten and strengthen muscles electronically. Called EMS technology, this method is used by athletes and physical therapists alike. The Flex Arms®, it sends electronic wavelengths into the biceps and triceps, triggering muscle contractions. The Flex Arms® method of training is highly effective, with 96% of users saying their arms were more attractive as a result. The Flex Arms® is highly popular and is frequently discussed on the blogs, where the products benefits are touted as both dramatic and convenient. Click Here to read more.

Designed to quickly deliver effective Hoodia to the digestive system, HoodiaBites gives dieters big boosts in their weight loss endeavors. These small chewy morsels taste good, just like a chewy candy. But they also deliver all of the benefits of a superior quality Hoodia supplement, including appetite reduction without stimulants. The top shelf Hoodia Gordonii used in HoodiaBites has no negative side effects, only positive weight loss effects. HoodiaBites contain certified authentic Hoodia, straight from Africa. Because they aren’t in a capsule or pill form, they digest more quickly, delivering the active ingredients when you need them the most. Many people have found HoodiaBites to work great on its own or with another program or supplement. The chatter on blogs makes it clear that this product does very well with consumers. Click Here to read more.

Cleanse Patch® -- Feel Better, Toe to Head
Detoxifying foot patches are said to be the top selling detox products in Asia, and this particular one is reported to be the best. Users simply put the adhesive patch on their feet before bed and let the product do the work while they sleep. Because the foot contains general reflex zones, the Cleanse Patch® works to detox organs like the stomach, colon, and liver. When you awake in the morning, the patch will likely be a different color, showing that it has removed substances from inside your body. The product is backed by traditional Asian culture and science as well, which took several years to perfect this method of detoxing. Consumer response has been very positive, as its feedback rating shows, so don’t pass up the opportunity to learn more about this excellent product. Click Here to read more.

Raspberry Ketone Max - Rapid Weight Loss Solution
Raspberry Ketone Max really packs a punch as it was designed to get results. Raspberry Ketone Max is becoming more and more popular as people continue to discover the amazing benefits of Ketone Enzymes. This supplement has been featured on television on major news programs and was designed to work and uses the latest weight loss breakthrough in its formula - Ketone Enzymes. This natural substance has been isolated and extracted from Raspberries to provide you its out-of-this-world fat burning capabilities. Ketone enzymes will oxidize fat, fight fatigue and boost the metabolism - all of which are great for weight loss! Raspberry Ketone Max is the newest natural fat burner on the market and has been getting a lot of consumer response for its natural results driven formula. Click Here to read more.

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Cleanse RX® – Advanced Colon Cleanse System
Flush pounds of undigested waste from your system immediately and feel lighter, healthier,...
Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine is the only pill that can guarantee you burn more calories per day. It contains...
10 Patented Weight Loss Ingredients – One Pill
Slim 10® is the only weight loss pill to combine 10 clinically proven and patented ingredients...
Miracle Slim Wrap - Feel Rejuvenated
With the Miracle Slim Wrap® you can remove unwanted fat from your problem areas.
The Flex Belt
Tone Your Abs While You Go About Your Day. Celebrities & Pro Athletes share their ab...

143 Responses to “CleansePatch”

Lily: I have used foot patches before they work. Can this brand be used during the day too?

Aaron: Really great product. With these foot patches I feel much more energetic since I’ve been using them. Thumbs up.

jw813@aol.com: Are these made in Japan?

gloriaD@aol.com: This works! I was a little grossed out at first by this esp. once I saw the yucky stuff that came out of my body. I figure that has something to do with why I’m feeling more energetic lately,seems like it.

Lucy: I have used the patch and feeling good from the start…

Theresa: The cleanse patch is just seems like a good way to get toxins out of the body. And I think everybody has some toxins, whether we know it or not.

Shauna: This type of detox seems so much easier to me than going through some sort of week-long cleanse or something. I like just sticking a patch on my foot and not having to think about it. It seems much healthier, overall.

Julia: I had tried other types of “detoxing” such as saunas, and I did not care for the experience. With the cleansepatch, I can simply put it on and go to sleep. I also do believe I am seeing results.

Marcy: I’m feeling better, not sure if this is become I’m actually sleeping throughout the night or if it’s from getting all those toxins out, either way, I think it’s helped.

Ralph: Is this Cleanse Patch like reflexology or something?

Arnold: I suffer from very poor circulation…when i tried the cleanse patch, I noticed that my circulation had seem improved, that my extremities felt less cold. HAs anyone else had this experience?

Dawn: Can’t wait to try it. Everyone like it?

June: I think the patch is kind of like reflexology, it seems like it basically works on the principle that different parts of the foot correspond with different parts/systems of the body. Pretty cool.

Grace: Never in a million years would i have believed that sticking some patch to my foot could help with my insomnia, but it might be I like using them.

Emmeline: when I first heard bout this I thought BS. But I got a trial, so I mean I thought it would be cool to try. I know it might sound wacky, but it is no joke. It feel like it has boosted my energy levels and I saw stuff come out on the pad.

Tina: I used em in after the first night I think the pads had collected toxins. I need to convince my husband to try em too, I think he would like the foot patches.

Penelope: Any additional info you could want on the patches, is here http://www.cleansepatch.com/foot.

Charlotte P.: I didn’t realize the patches could be worn on other parts of the body. I get headaches a lot, I might try putting them on my temples to see if that helps. Hope none of my family makes fun of me. :)

Carol: These are DEF one of the most interesting products from the east I have ever tried.

Steffanie: Well, I am still a little skeptical that this will do anything, but I just hope they help me sleep better. That’s all I really want them to do.

Eva: These just seem like a great, natural way to detox. I’d give ‘em two thumbs up if I could!

Maria D.: I really feel like I have a lot more energy than i did before i started detoxing with the Detox Foot Patch. I used to do a detox fast before that, but it was making me sick and wasn’t really working. These are way easier than fasting anyday.

Bryan: Great patches, I’d love to use these whenever I’m traveling. I never sleep well in hotels.

Violet: This detox method actually makes sense to me, and I like being able to see that that stuff’s coming out, gets my vote.

mariposaJ@aol.com: Well I have always had very swollen, painful feet, and i feel that i have noticed some improvement with the foot patch. Good stuff for sure. NOw if i cuould only find something for my eczema that worked.

Trevor: MAy sound strange but, I actually like seeing that all that crap is getting out of my body. I use the cleanse patches regularly just to keep my system clean. thumbs up.

Marlee: I have not used, yet, just seems kinda strange, a foot detox. i keep me feet pretty clean usually esp when i wear sandals but i geuss it wouldn’t hurt to detoxify them too..

Joy: Been using the Cleanse foot Patches mainly to help me sleep more soundly at night. Im feeling great, so glad i got to try ‘em.

CanDee: Yuck, the patch I took off my foot was absolutley foul, I didnt even want to touch it. i can’t beleive i was so toxic, it’s really nasty to think about when you see those used patches.

Ashley: The Cleanse Patch is like, the same concept as foot reflexology & alot of other good eastern healing practices…i can feel that it’s really helping with my energy and probably, my overall health. I think its an excellent purifying product.

Missy: i could not BELIEVE what came out on the Cleanse Patch! wow. Was all that realy in me?? Well, I’m glad i got rid of it!

Darlene: Im a smoker & was a little shocked at what comes out on the Cleanse Patch. ;)

Sumner: Well there really are a lot of different patches out there, and there not all the same, not at all. I’ve never seen as much gunk on a patch wiith others as with this one. I’m pretty sure, that this Cleanse Patch is quality.

Valerie: I have used these and they are fun!!! :) Recommended.

Nova013: So I’m still a little confused on HOW those toxins all come out through the foot but it sounds easy enough. The picture I saw looks pretty gross. I’ve had a lot of congestion lately, I think it could maybe help.

Luanne: The Cleanse Patch has worked really well for me, better than any of the other foot patches i have tried in the past.

mdg43: SO I used some kinda foot patch to detox me last year, i don’t even remember the brand, it was pretty cheap though. i thought the concept was cool, but i wasn’t all that impressed with it. it was okay, but not all that “dirty” the first night, and totally clear after that. i eat a lot of fast food, so i know i’m more toxic than that! Just received my Cleanse Patch trial & it sounds a whole lot better than the generic one I got before, can’t wait to try it out.

Heather: I have heard some really good stuff about Tourmaline…looks like its one of the main ingredients in the Cleanse Patch. ITs supposed to be really good for your skin, has anyone seen improved skintone from using these?

Bryan: Like that Cleanse Patch is all natural, don’t want to put any chemicals on my skin.

V2: I think useing foot patches help keep clean on the inside. I diet and exercise and eat well, these are the little extras that make an even bigger difference in how I feel, it seems.

williamina ray: These did not make me feel any different, not sure what i expected but, a little disapointed.

Kelly: Did anyone try using Hoodia pills with the Cleanse Patch? I think i might, bcs I have always wanted to try Hoodia for natural weight loss, just wondiering what others expericneces are doing them together.

Maris: Somebody mentioned online how good Tourmaline is, just wanna say that I use a face mask with this ingredient and it really makes my skin glow.Seems like a good ingredient for any product,not sure how it works in the patch exactly, tho.

Sandrine: Well at first i dreaded the idea of seeing the toxins that come out on the Cleanse Patch…but I got over that once I started thinking about the benefitst vs. keeping that junk inside me. I will put up with a yucky looking patch for that!

BLUE: Maybe this one works for some of you, I just thought it was nasty looking & that’s it. tried others too, none of thosedid it for me,either.

Tammy: Well i love foot reflexology but I don;t often have the time or money to have it done all the time. This overnight detox seems to be a great way to get my body back in balance at home. Its a wonderful product!

Kendall: BTW, the Cleanse Patch won’t come off ur foot, i wear em in socks around the house, no problems.

Shanti: Well, I’ve been having a pretty difficult time putting my head around the relationship btwn my feet and toxins and how the Cleanse PAtch works. BUt, I’ve got my trial so, I suppose it won’t hurt to try & see what happens.

samantha: Ha, I guess I’m not alone in my love for the CLeanse Patch! If I told anyone at my work what i’d been using they would probably think i’m crazy, they just don’t get things like this.

kel: As skeptical as I am, I am always willing to try something new. I am SO GLAD I DID this time! I have had more energy and have been sleeping without waking up (unheard of for me), falling asleep easier (also, very unusual for me). I also tried a patch on a very sore (I mean sore!)shoulder, it really lessened the pain in just one night. I really hope people will try these, I am very excited about them and want other people to experience that feeling!

Kim: There isn’t anything negative said about this product???

katelyn: i had an appt. to go get my colon cleansed but i think I’d rather give the Cleanse Patch a shot first. i was a little nervous about going to get the cleanse anyway…a bit invasive.

Laura D.: As long as I can hide the used Cleanse Patches from husband, I’m okay with this. he would NEVER give me a foot massage again if he saw what comes out of them, it’s hard enough to convince him as it is.

Irvetta: Well I DO worry about them slipping off and staining my good white sheets but so far, that hasn’t happened with the Cleanse PAtch.

hope pierce: what i wanna know is how does it reduce stress. thats tough for me to get my head around. i do have a lot of anxiety & stress and it would be great if this cld help.

Charlotte: So good to see more and more of these Eastern philosophies being embraced. Our society is too quick to medicate, when we should be thinking about prevention. This is definitely a first step in prevention, I’d say.

Wendy: Thought using these foot patches might make my feet stink, and the patches DO smell a little but the peppermint does a good job of covering it up. And luckily the odor doesn;t stay on the feet. I’d even say my body odor is more pleasant overall!!

Marie: Well i tried anohter brand of foot patch & it SUCKED. Hoping the Cleanse Patch is better.

Jacob: Thinking I will use the Cleanse Patch to try & help get my circulation going, maybe get rid of the congestion too. Never seen anything that was sposed to help with all this, and this seems pretty simple to use.

Simi: to me this is an interesting concept & which sounds like Foot Reflexology. See here in America people think this sounds so wacky and out there but in Asia they have been doing things like reflexology for yrs and it works for them. i like a lot of the eastern approaches to healing.

Janice M: Using a patch like these too cleanse thru the feet almost sounds a little TOO easy…but, what the hay, I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

sara: Well i do smoke occasionally & i am a bit freaked about how icky a smoker’s patch can be, but I would rather have it out of my body than in! I wonder if the Cleanse Patch an help me to quit smoking?

Monie: I hate taking pills, I loathe diets of any type, I think I can handle putting a patch on my foot at night, if it can help me feel healthier. This doesn’t seem so bad.

Susan: My job has been super stressful lately, I’ve been up late working on reports and drinking coffee all day long just to push through. I feel EXTRA toxic, I could def use a cleanse like this. I don’t have time to give up caffeine and sugar for a week. This is supposed to help cleanse and de-stress, rihgt? That’s what I need, pronto, am ready to start using.

Gabby: it’s interesting, how this is suppose to work and it kinda makes sense. i meean when you think about it, the body natural pulls toxins away from the major organs, and of course our circulation goes down toward the feet too, its just gravity, so alot of the time the feet become the place where the toxins end up. thats probably why the patch goes on the feet? i used it and it was pretty dirty, so…

annie mackey: so i thought for sure the only stuff i would see on the patch wold be from whatevr was stuck on the bottom of my feet. i showered & scrubbed my feet before putting on the foot patch, just to be certain. surprise, it was dirty. don’t know how it gets all the crap out but,it looks like it does.

Andy: NOt for me maybe one night wasn’t enough, I don’t know.

Joan: I like the Cleanse Patch detox & think it works. Maybe I’m making subconscious changes in my eating, but whatever, it s seems to be working to keep me clean and clearer from toxins I feel.

Judy: You really do have to give the Cleanse Patch time to work, I think. One night probably won’ t do much!

D'Lee: Reflexology is fascinating. You know that every part of your foot has a pressure point related to an organ or body part? Don’t know all the ins and outs but I love knowing that everything is connected, and that it may actually be possible to heal through your foot.

Martha: My feet are aching just thinking about it. Ready to use my Cleanse Patch NOW!!!!

Brock Felt: I’ve heard a lot about people who detox periodically and rarely get sick. LAst winter was hell for me, I got strep throat, bronchitis AND several colds. Maybe if I start detoxing now I can prepare myself for the next cold season. I’m really hoping these Cleanse Patches might help.

Alexis: Not sure exactly how the Cleanse PAtches work to get rid of stress, all I can say is, they seem to help me. I don’t know if it’s bcs I sleep better at night or bcs I feel more focused and organized during the day? But I feel more like myself since using them (the “me” before the mortgage, 2 kids, puppy, and promotion) ANyone else find this from them?

susan: huh…i get a lot of colds every winter, AND at least one in summer too. this def. sounds like a good thing.

Deb: I just started using the Cleanse Patch & boy oh boy, i can see that i need it! yuck, it is not so good to see the stuff that has, i guess, ben stored up inside my body. But i’m going to keep with it.

Diana: Detoxing might be fine for some but I don’t have any addictive habits. I don’t like the sound of it, first of all, and also, can’t say I noticed much. THumb down.

Elaine: Hmm well, I’ve been using Cleanse Patch and don’t feel too much different. It has been just filthy every day though, so I guess it will take awhile to work? Man I must be realy toxic.

Stacey: So I admit it, I’m a lazy I want to keep things as simple as possible, and get the best results. That’s why I like these patches, I just slap em on my feet and I think it works.!!!!

Ria: I’ve been using detox patches on and off for a couple of years now and I haven’t had a cold, flu or other type of illness. I have tons more energy than I used to. My friends and family started using the pads and it has helped them with issues like swollen ankles, pain in the joints and clearing up the skin. I had no idea toxins could cause so uch trouble in the body, so I’m glad this product is available.

Nancy: Ok, so I ordered the Cleanse Patch yesterday (Apr 19 ‘08) and expect it this coming week. I’m 46 and imagine, since I’m a smoker, that I really need to detox; not to mention the stiffness and horrible sleep I have. Can’t wait till they get here ~ I’ll come back and post an update!

Steven: I have been using the detox patches for 3 weeeks now and I feel like im in my 20’s again. My skin is clear, no longer have dark circles under my eyes. I’m getting much more sleep at night and I am working out longer, harder at the gym. I love the fact im doing a cleanse that is 100% safe and natural. I will be a life long user.

Jennifer: Feeling better and seeing some results with these patches. One questoin, has anyone noticed, that your feet smell less after using them?

Lindy: Ok, so I decided to do some research on these foot patches and came across this site. What has me laughing is that the “negative” feedback online are not even negative about the product, they are simply folks commenting before they have even tried it or have psychological issues to deal with about their feet, do your research friends…about your body and your mind. To those who made the well-informed/positive comments, kudos to you! For not only doing your homework but for doing something good for your body!

todd: this all makes sense since your feet are fartherest from your heart and just like dirt in a glass of water, stuff should settle at the bottom

loyven: i would could not belive the different i felt after 1st night i tried the detox foot pads. i suffer with joint and muscle pain but the pads gave me relief. if i had not been given a pair i would not have tried it. now i am looking to buy some for my wife and i.

mary: where do i make a purchase for the items i want?

Penelope: You can get the patches from the official website by Clicking Here.

Jim: So let me say this is the absolute best cleanse product I have ever ever used. I used to be into colon cleanses, but started to experience minor blood loss in my stool-needless to say I stopped those. These are topical so I think it maybe is gentler. THE CLEANSE PATCH TOOK OUT THE STUFF RIGHT OUT OF MY FEET, pain free amazing. This is my new way.

Wendy from Tx: My son and myself have used the patches for one week now. Personally, I don’t know how much toxins are actually being pulled out and how much of the “gunk” is just from sweat mixing with the herbs in the patch. However, We both did notice that we slept better and woke up alert wich is a HUGE difference for us. To say we are not morning people is an understatement but now we really wake up feeling better. GOTTA LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

kads: well, after all these reviews, i think i may as well buy it and see for myself. im not a morning person so this should be interesting to see…

liz: So I have been using this patch for 4 days and yes it is gross in the morning but is it just my sweat mixing with the herbs, like wendy thought it could be? I do look a little thinner but that could be for various reasons. one thing no one is mentioning that i find weird is that these things smell to high heaven like balogne. and you can’t wash the smell off your feet!!! still, i am optimistic that they will work and will try and post again after day 10 when i run out.

Judy: I have only used these patches twice on both feet and am amazed at how gross the patches look when you take them off. Would like to hear from people who have used them on other parts of the body. I have a tumor and am considering using it on that area.

Kathleen J.: These foot patches are great, I mostly use them on my feet (and yes they stink, but, they don’t make my feet stink? I’ve only noticed it on the patches the next day..) and have also placed them on the backs of my knees to help my joint pain. Those are the only places I’ve used the detox patches and I think they help me somewhat.

Ann: Ann: I am at the end of the 1st 2 week supply with the patches still staining dark, when removed ..The left foot patch is always darker than the right side – -with no change in color when applied to the right thigh..I am reading someone’s patch smelled like baloney, another like peppermint…Mine smells like a muted smell of vinegar..I think the different smells are from different body chemical compositions..Anyway, I will buy the 2nd 2 week supply soon…I felt euphoric, after the first couple of uses, which leveled off to a sense of wellbeing…

Susan: I have just finished 7 days with the Cleanse patches and since the very first night have slept better than I have in ages. I have had no nighttime anxiety, I fall asleep sooner, and I sleep more deeply. The pads are still dark and gross and I suspect it will take a while for them to come clear. But like I say, I have slept better from the very first night, and that alone is worth it, as I have had sleep problems for YEARS and nothing else has helped as consistently.

Deb: I had some pretty disgusting results with those foot patches. I will probably get some more as they seem to be helping me sleep better.

Mar: I use them all the time, I was introduced on such patches from a friend who was getting them for me directly from Japan. Try them after you get a deep tissue massage, since the massage is alreay breaking down toxins, the patches help remove them.

Sandra: The cleanse patch is a great product. I used it for several days and I can feel my feet lighter. My body feels better. At night I can feel it working and taking away all the toxins from my body. I don’t feel as tired. I still continue to use it every now and then to rejuvenate my body.

Tim: I’ve used the patch for sveral day’s and I agree with the majority, and I have felt better, more energized, but my only compaint is that the adhesive used on the product sticks to your feet, and it is hell to wash off, not too bad but it is annoying.

Laney: Well I can handle a little bit of stickiness since i am actually sleeping soundly througout the night with the cleanse patch! I don’t think its any worse than a band aid, though. just get a good foot scrub, it comes off in the shower wiht a bit of elbow grease :)

bonnie: how long do you have to do this?

Patricia D.: Really like how the CleansePatch seems to help all the toxins get out. I love that I actually feel a bit less lethargic, and at the same tiem, can see the stuff coming out.

Pam: Did not do anything for me. The patch never change the nasty dark color (maybe I’m to “toxic”!). They are very foul smelling as one person put it when you take them off in the morning. I had to wipe my foot with a cotton square soaked with alcohol. Then I had to scrub the bottom of my feet. It still left a faint smell, but then showering helped. You do have to wear socks also, which is probably good because it would make your sheets smell too. But this is my opinion of how it works…. I believe it actually turns color from the sweating of your feet. First you have an adhesive pad that you put the “detoxifying” pad on, then you place it on the bottom of your foot. This adhesive seals all four side the of pad, then you put on socks and wear to bed. I believe it is your feet sweating that turns the pad, and the nasty smell is from the mushroom stuff in the pads. So that was my experience, the reviews read pretty positive but my experience was nothing happened, except a good cleaning of feet the morning after. Plus the adhesive gets all over the foot you have to scrub to get that off too. I did call the company and they were very receptive to give me a full refund, since it does say “money back guarantee”. Hopefully they will live up to their end and give me a full refund. Hope this review helps.

Ginnie F.: WEll not sure how it does its thing, but I seem to have less congestion and feel cleaner since using these things. :)

cory: the patches were a bit stickier and harder to remove than i expected but, i found that if i put lotion on my feet before sticking them on, it was easier to get off in the morning. the smel wasn’t that bad – not pleasant but not foul – and i feel like i’ve been sleeping quite well since i started using cleansepatch.

TOM: Smelled almost rancid at first but not after a few nights. My foot patches never came totally clear but I was not so fatigued after a few days. i go by how I feel more than what i see. I give a tumbs up to the cleansEPatch.

shanda: thanks for all the positive feed back Im going to try it!!

Paul: I’m amused by some of the thumbs down/question mark people – toxins are an everyday part of life. I don’t drink, smoke or do so much as presciption/over-the-counter drugs, but had plenty to detox! These patches work like a charm. It took awhile before the stuff started clearing up!

Gia: Couldn’t say waht the science is behind this but I can say that I feel like I am sleeping soundly since using the Cleanse patch. I was using those others, the kinoki or whatever they called, for a few weeks and maybe those are the ones that just stain teh patches with dye, I don’t know. I feel like I had less ahes and just feel…good, since i started on these.

carmen: CleansePatch – i love all the comments im going to try this. i was just wondering how many pads are in the boxes so i can order enough for the process. thanks

Terri: just began on my cleanse Patch detox I believe one box lasts for 5 days.am hoping this makes me healthier.

Ani: The thing is there are a lot of different foot patches around, and most of the ones I used before, didn’t do anything. THe Kinoki pads were the worst, i heard they dodn’t even stay the feet. But the CLeanse Patch is great, I’ve felt MUCH better. THumb up.

Mike F: CleansePatch removed icky toxins and I felt great the very first morning!!

Lori: I just had a foot cleanse done at a spa. They put my feet in water (similar to the at home Pedicure spa’s)it had a “machine” hooked to it. I couldnt believe how brow/black the water was!!! I woke up today with TONS of energy. Just after 1 cleanse – they recommeded 4-6. At $30 a pop it can get expensive. Im hoping these patches work just as well!! Much more cost effective. I’ll write back to give my thumbs up or down.

Catherine: I used to go for foot reflexology but when I broke my ankle last year, I stayed away from that. When my husband saw the add on CleansePatch, he told me about it. I was a little hesitant because I was on medication and I didn’t want the medicine to react with the patch. Once I was off the medicine though I figured I better do the patch. The 1st patch I used made my knees to the ankle feel cold. The next day when I took the patch out, it was black! Today is my 4th day and my legs don’t feel cold anymore, but I still have quite a bit of detoxing to do.

Patricia: I have used these patches for 9 days now and am still getting a dark colored patch each morning. I have MS and have found these patches have given me more energy, allowed me to sleep better than I have in years and are slowly reducing swelling that I have in my right hand and foot. – CleansePatch

karen r: I saw a Dateline special on these patches & they said that they did not work, & they smelled horrible.. I stayed away from them because of their comments, but I am reading from others who love them.. now, I am curious as well…. do all the brands work equally, or just this brand?? Avon sells them, so does Walgreens’s.. can anyone verify those patches??

Lucy: I personally think that CleansePatch is superior to the other ones…I saw the broadcast & i think the patch they were talking about was the Kinoki patch.

randy stokes: Total rip off !!! All you do is sweet on the pads all night and they turn dark brown and give off a bad odor! Users think that the foul smell is from toxins pouring out of your body all night but it’s just from the nasty chemical packet in the patch getting damp !!! Pour water over a patch and you will get the same color and odor as you would get wearing them all night !!! The before and after pictures you always see in the adds is just a person with a dry(clean white) patch on followed by a wet patch that turns black from moisture!

Marlene: Guess not everything works the same for everyone, but I do like this one, seems to do it for me. ;)

randy: I purchased a box and used them all for 10 nights in a row. The patches never got any lighter and i never felt any better! I dont smoke and go to the sauna almost daily! My system should be cleaner than most and the patches should get lighter after 10 nights of use but they did not! I think that it’s all in people’s minds that the patches work! P.S. I used the official Clense Patch product advertised here!

Nancy: My husband and I just finished using the Cleansepatch for 15 nights in a row, per the instructions that came on the box. There was absolutely no change in the color of the patches each morning: They were always just as black as the night before. This stuff just didn’t work at all for us. I agree with Randy (above) and think that this product is a ripoff, maybe in the “great tradition” of placebos. Don’t buy it.

Shirley Andrews: For me Cleanse Patch was fun to try and am very glad I did. Probably just doesn’t work on everyone?

minnieminnie: IMHO better alternative to drinking some nasty mixture to get all the toxins out, these patches are. i feel a lot more alert & ready, to tacckle the day since i started to wear cleanse patch while asleep, every day i just seem to feel better & better.

sbtrfly74: This is the same concept as the Kinoki foot pads, which was shown on dateline as only made up of iodine and other chemicals that turns brown when sweat or moisture touches it. When tested like they said, no toxins were ever found…

Shannon: Well in my opinion, there are big differences between Kinoki and the Cleanse Patch…whereas the Kinoki patch just has that “appearance” of cleansing with the brown marks, the Cleanse patch actually does seem to pull out toxins. I say this bcs I have used it, and it’s not just the “brown marks” that tell me it is working, its the way I feel after i use it..I seem to have more energy and, this one seems to be much more well respected, if you see what others have to say about it online. Not sure its not fair to just judge all products across the board due to one “bad apple.”

Anonymous: true, true, I agree…you can’t just lump all of these types of products into one category. Just bcs one doesn’t work doesn’t mean they all are bad. If dateline did a special about Hondas being bad, you wouldn’t avoid buying a volkswagen just bcs both are cars, would you? I feel like i am getting benefits from my cleanse patch, and I’m pleased with it. :)

Jean: Can’t believe the number of positive comments on this product on so many sites! I”ll have to try it to see for myself. Can’t wait!

Grace: The cleanse Patch has been a joy for me, so easy to use too.

cha-cha: I just ordered my 1st supply. I hope they work. I have been taking otc sleep aids for years and I also have joint pain. I will let you know. Thanks

cha-cha: Today is July 1, 2009. I received my patches in the mail today. I will let everyone know how they work. I’m hoping for the best!

Michele: I didn’t feel any different.

Adeline: COuldn’t believe that, since I quit smokin some time ago that these cleanse PAtches would be smelling so smoky to me. I liked using them it was a cool experience.

cha-cha: I used all of the patches for 5 days. The 1st day I didn’t feel any different. The 2nd day, I did seem to sleep better and have a little more energy. At the end of the 5 days, the patches were still pretty gunky looking. If they really do work, I must be pretty toxic. I don’t know if I will re-order or not. I think the most effective way to feel good is to eat healthier, eat less, and exercise.

kirsten v.: I think if only these foot patches had little massagers on them, they would be the perfect product! i do think they are good way to detox, and hopefully will keep me healthy.

Nina_Z: MAn, these things are a little stinky huh?? :) In a good way, I guess, and was good to notice the smell seemed to be less potent after a few days cleanse Patch. i woke up and cleaned the house before work, thats how good i felt! glad I go t to try them never done something like this before.

booster: The patches do not work at all. There are chemical in them that react to your sweat and body heat. If you put the patch over steaming water you will see the gook and the rotten smell.

Janie: HAve been wearing these at night and, wake up feelng revitalized, like i actually slept, not sure they did it, but i’d say thats reason enough to continue using these patches.

Karen K.: I am exercising more now, it was about time for me to do that again. Well for me I am feeling more relaxed, and balanced, since I used the patches too and am pleased I used these. Its true they really do change colors, its so weird!!

Anonymous: soundz awesome looking forward to trying it for myself, hope it works!


miko: looks like a popular one & so simple too!

tanya: When using the patches the first couple of days I felt s*ck, but after my breathing was better, my skin looked healthier and I lost a little weight

Robb: oh thats cool i didn t realize u could use the cleanse Patch if ur feeling sick. good to know, seems smart to like, do whatever it takes to feel better faster & stuff.

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